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Pregnancy Options in New York

Facing an unplanned pregnancy? Let us help you review your options. Locations in Ticonderoga, NY and Middlebury, VT

Pregnancy Options in Northeast New York

When faced with a pregnancy (whether unintended or planned), it is important to first take a minute to breathe. Know that you are not alone. There is a team at The Women’s Center ready to help you explore each of your options to find which is the best for you. We offer free Options Consultations where we will discuss facts about the various options available, and help you determine your next steps.

Our Consultations are 100% confidential with no cost and no age restrictions!

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Abortion Information

If you are considering abortion, know that there are a few types of abortion available, including medication and surgical abortions. The abortion options available to you will be determined largely by how far your pregnancy has progressed.

The cost for abortion will also vary depending on how far your pregnancy has progressed. The Women’s Center has abortion information resources to help educate you on the various costs of abortion.

Our team will also help you understand the facts about abortion, abortion side effects, abortion risks, and the various abortion procedures available. If you are considering an early abortion or a late abortion, you need all the information available to make the best decision for you. We do not refer for abortions, but our caring, judgment-free center and staff will answer any questions you have.

In order to understand what type of abortion you would be able to consider, you may want to find out more about your pregnancy at The Women’s Center. Contact us to schedule a free ultrasound.

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Even when it is not planned, parenthood can be a fulfilling, empowering, and meaningful journey for many people who experience unplanned pregnancy. Everyone’s situation is unique, and whether you are single or involved with a partner, family, or friends, The Women’s Center is here for you. 

At The Women’s Center, we offer many parenthood resources, services, and classes to help you be successful from pregnancy through birth and beyond. It may not be your timeline or your plan, but we promise parenting can be its own reward for those with the determination to commit themselves to it.

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