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Abortion Cost

How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

Like any other medical procedure, having accurate information about the costs involved with an abortion is essential and can vary based on a number of factors.
The average price for an abortion procedure in Vermont and New York can range from $500 to $1,500 for an in-clinic, surgical abortion. The actual cost will depend on the type of abortion procedure, the clinic you choose, and how far along you are in your pregnancy. Below are the various types of abortion available along with the associated estimated cost for each:

  • Abortion Pill: Approximately $300 and $800.
  • Surgical Abortion: Starts at approximately $530+
  • Surgical Abortion: Up to $1500 or more, depending on how far along the pregnancy is.


In addition to the procedure cost, most abortion clinics will require an ultrasound to be completed prior to the procedure in order to determine how far along you are in your pregnancy.. Whether or not you are considering an abortion, The Women’s Center offers limited ultrasounds at no cost to you.
Contact us for any questions or information related to abortion costs or to schedule a free pregnancy confirmation ultrasound.

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