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Why The Women's Center?

We empower women and families facing unexpected pregnancies in Middlebury, VT, and Ticonderoga, NY. We provide accurate information, free services, and practical support with a holistic and compassionate approach. We give each of our clients the care and attention they need, empowering them to make informed decisions for themselves and their future.

The Women’s Center is your go-to resource for free sexual health and pregnancy services in Vermont. Because we believe women deserve to get information from a place that does not profit from their choice, all our services are free of charge.


Considering the abortion pill?

Contact us to learn more about side effects, risks, safety, recovery, and what you need to know before you decide. The abortion pill is FDA-approved up to 10 weeks gestation. However, the FDA does not recommend abortion pills be purchased online since “The FDA does not have regulatory oversight of prescription medicines from outside the legitimate U.S. drug supply chain; therefore, the FDA cannot ensure the safety, effectiveness, or quality of those medications.” 


Girl finding out that she is pregnant and looking for options before going to an abortion clinic.

Your First Steps

Think you may be pregnant? Learn more about pregnancy signs and symptoms and your first steps.


Young Woman talking about her pregnancy options before going to an abortion center.

Looking For Options?

Learn more about abortion, adoption, parenting and your options in Vermont and New York.


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Cost-Free Services

We provide pregnancy testing, ultrasound verification, options consultations, and more.

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Considering The Abortion Pill?

Get the information you need about abortion pills by mail, at-home abortions, and your early pregnancy options in Vermont and New York. We provide free pregnancy testing and ultrasound services (proof of pregnancy) so you can find out how far along you are and if the pregnancy is viable. It is also important to rule out an ectopic pregnancy prior to an abortion. While we do not provide or refer for terminations, we can answer all your questions about side effects, what to expect, and more.

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